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The cultural department fosters and coordinates the exchange of culture, education and sports with Jamaica as well as the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands  and the Turks & Caicos Islands. It also supports German cultural, educational and sport organisations operating in Jamaica, in particular the Jamaican - German Society and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The focus of the department's work is the support of the German language and the academic exchange. Other work areas include: the cooperation with German speaking associations, youth exchange, relations with religious and sport communities. Furthermore the cultural section observes Jamaican politics in the earlier mentioned areas and maintains close contact with federal and state governementa as well as a great number of Jamaican organisations.

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Cultural Life In Germany

There are many sides to cultural life in Germany: From North to South there are around 400 theaters and 140 professional orchestras. The museum world is of quite unparalleled quality – featuring 600 art museums with diverse internationally renowned collections. Young German painting is equally vibrant, and is long since part of the international scene.

Major General Stewart Saunders, Alexandra Consten, Usain Bolt, Minister Olivia Grange, Norman Peart


Throughout the year, the Embassy hosts contests and participates in many events. Just browse through these pages to find out more.

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Studying In Germany

Interested in studying or doing research abroad? Why not choose Germany, land of ideas!

Deutsch lernen

Why Learn German?

German is the language with the highest number of native speakers in the EU. Over 100 million people grow up with it, and 50 million learn it as a foreign language. German is alive, it is changing, it picks up trends and fashions, and plays with them. In institutions of the European Union German is, together with English and French, the most important language.

Weightlifter Matthias Steiner won the +105 kg


Germans love sports. Their love finds many expressions, perhaps none more vocal than their support of their favorite soccer clubs, the men's and women's national soccer teams or of athletes like Dirk Nowitzki, biathlete Magdalena Neuner, F1 champion Sebastian Vettel or skier Maria Riesch.

Vocational And Further Training

When leaving secondary schools, 70% of German students take a course of vocational training, mostly within the "dual system". This combines practical, on-the-job training with theoretical instruction at a part-time vocational school. Through their close cooperation private business, industry and the public sector are sharing responsibility: Training regulations are drawn at federal level, while the states oversee the vocational schools.  The popularity of these occupations varies, however, according to the job market.

Culture, Study And Events

German model Julia Stegner,  the face of the 5th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (press conference on 29th June at Berlin’s Bebelplatz)

Explore German Culture

Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin - Lange Nacht der Museen

Cultural life in Germany is varied and exciting - why not discover it for yourself!

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