Small grant for Capoeira Alafia - Capoeira for Peace program.

Capoeira Alafia - Capoeira for Peace program Enlarge image Dennis Eckart, Managing Director, Capoeira Alafia, on his new floor. Construction is still going on. (© GerEmb)

With a small grant of the German Embassy in Kingston the Capoeira for Peace program could reach ‘operational’ status to allow regular activities, tours and workshops by laying a concrete floor and constructing a shower facility.


The goal of Capoeira for Peace is to establish a holistic trainings center for children and minors (age: 5 – 21years) from volatile inner-city communities of the Kingston corporate area.

The ‘Harmony Hill’ trainings center has been designed to become an off-grid, self-sustainable, multi-purpose facility which, once completed, will offer a wide array of activities to targeted youths. Among these activities are:

- Capoeira for Peace/Drumming/Yoga/Self-Development/Dancing/Permaculture/Cartyre recycling-crafting/Employability sessions at the multi-purpose trainings area

- Alternative building techniques/rainwater harvesting/solar-system installation courses taught at the respective components of the Harmony Hill center

- Organic farming, reforestation and land rehabilitation strategies taught at the centers own organic farming area

- Fitness training at the open-air gym area

- Team-building/Personal development and game-based learning workshops at the centers obstacle course - Accommodation at the center’s camping site for summer-camps and short-term stays.