Climate Change Awareness projects - Call for proposals

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Germany’s Federal Foreign Office is calling on stakeholders worldwide to present project applications focusing on raising awareness for climate change, mitigation and adaptation initiatives.


This years’ focus is on initiatives

• exemplifying the connection between climate change, protection of the environment and Agenda 2030 (sustainable development)

by asking:

• How can these connections be established as part of a preventative security policy?

• How can one ensure that all stakeholders adhere to their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs) as concluded in the convention of Paris in 2015?

• How can the results of the conventions in Paris and Marrakesh be executed on a regional and national level?


Kindly note that projects do not have to target all 4 main objectives but can focus on just one.


Please find the project application attached. The application may be accompanied by additional documents (graphics, details budget plans etc.).


Kindly note that there is NO DEADLINE for applications. As funds are limited it is nevertheless advisable to apply as soon as the outline of a project is sufficiently concrete in order to secure the funds necessary.

  For questions or further information please contact king%27%auswaertiges-amt%27%de,info .


Application Form

Download the Climate Change Awareness project application form.

Climate Change Awareness


Federal Environment Ministry


Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, also known as the BMU, has a comprehensive English-language site. It features detailed information on climate and energy policies, nuclear safety, nature conservation, water management and more.

Culture and Climate Change

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What will the climate be like in the future? How will our society change?  How will people around the world react, and how will they cope with all this?  The Goethe-Institut has launched a new web platform for reflections on culture and climate change in the worlds of arts and humanities as well as for projects around the world.