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Welcome to Germany!

In Germany, the "Land of Ideas", we place major emphasis on education, science, research and development. This makes Germany one of the most popular countries in which to study, as well as a site for state-of-the art research and patent development. With its high quality of life, good infrastructure and central location in Europe, Germany is one of the world's most attractive bases for business. Its beautiful urban and rural landscapes, combining age-old traditions and experimental modern culture, make a trip to Germany a unique experience. Germany has something for everyone, so why not pay us a visit?

Consular Services

In order to serve you better, the German Embassy has introduced a mandatory online appointment system starting May 11th 2015 for passport and visa applications and other consular services, e.g. legalizations, family matters or matters of German nationality. For administrative reasons the Embassy is not able to conduct certifications acts as acknowledgement of paternities, applications of adoption and inheritance matters. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Ortenburg Bible, German Historical Museum

500th anniversary of the Reformation

Five hundred years ago, on 31 October 1517, legend has it that theology professor Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg. The posting of these theses in Wittenberg marks the beginning of the Reformation. The far reaching theological, cultural and political consequences of the Reformation make its anniversary in 2017 not only a church affair, but a central global event in cultural history.

Adolescent Resource Centre Opening

Germany funds reopening of the Adolescent Resource Centre (The ARC).

Through the support (1,56 Mio Jam $) of the German Embassy, on October 19th 2016, ARC (under the umbrella of the The Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation (WCJF))is able to  reopen the Adolescent Resource Centre for the Kingston Metropolitan Region and St. Catherine. ...

Courtesy call at SEWERIN, Dortmund. From left: Dr. Horst Vogel (Head of CATS-Programme), Ignatius Jean (Saint Lucia), Ilena Vega Guzman (Costa Rica), Christopher Husbands (Grenada), Bernard Ettinoffe (Dominica), Vincent Fevrier Hippolyte (Saint Lucia), Michael Kersting (SEWERIN Representative), Jermaine Jackson (Jamaica)

Information tour to Germany on “Current Issues in the Field of Water Management"

A Jamaican expert on water management as part of a group of experts on water management issues from the Caribbean was invited by  the German Federal Foreign Office to visit Germany from June 19th to 25th 2016 for an informational tour to Germany on “Current Issues in the Field of Water Management” which is part of the Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial Solutions Program (CATS), financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Energy Efficiency Award 2016

Energy Efficiency Award 2016: Competition for energy-efficient companies launched

For the tenth time, the German Energy Agency (dena) seeks outstanding energy efficiency projects for the Energy Efficiency Award. Companies from industry, trade and commerce from all over the world can apply for this international award until 30 June 2016. You can find all the information you need to enter for free at


Earth System Knowledge Platform

On the Earth System Knowledge Platform scientists of the Helmholtz Association present current findings, real-time data and background information in form of short, comprehensible articles, infographics, photographs and film clips. Natural hazards, climate change and pollution are the topics of the online service.


Renewable Energies - Made in Germany

The German Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Central America and the Caribbean organized the 'Renewable Energies - Made in Germany' conference in Kingston, an excellent opportunity for German business representatives to introduce their products not only to Jamaica, but as well as to the representatives from Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados participating at the business conference. The Seminar is a full success providing opportunities for both sides to establish business ties. Opening notes by Fitzroy Vidal, Director of Energy and German Ambassador Joachim Schmillen were followed by interesting presentations from the Jamaican and German sides. The event is very well attended, showing once more the potential of Renewables in Jamaica and the region.

Activities at the ground breaking ceremony of the Climate Change Park in Portmore

Climate Partnership between Portmore and the City of Hagen - Ceremonial Groundbracking of the Portmore/Hagen Climate Change Park on 26 August 2015

The Climate Partnership between Portmore and the City of Hagen continued with the unveiling of the site for a new Climate Change Park in Portmore on 23 May 2014. This is only one of several projects to be completed under the Municipal Climate Partnership Programme between the cities of Portmore and Hagen.

Berlin Policy Journal

Berlin Policy Journal

The past few months have sharpened the divisions between members of the EU more than any other crisis before. It is not the first time that onlookers have predicted the imminent end of the European Union, but the strength of centrifugal forces pulling it apart seem unprecedented. In the new issue, Almut Möller (“The Disheartened Continent”) argues that Europe needs to focus on the values that unite its people to overcome the divisions tearing the continent apart. Ulrich Speck (“Player or Pawn?”) proposes a truly unified European foreign policy, and Andreas Rinke (“The Last European” – app only) describes the German chancellor’s efforts to keep the EU united. Mark Leonard (“Goodbye? Hello!” – app only) says that it is not Britain that wants to leave the EU, but a part of the British elite that is pushing the “Leave” campaign. BERLIN POLICY JOURNAL is a bimonthly app magazine on international affairs, edited in Germany’s capital. Each issue sets a theme and reports on a diverse range of current and emerging foreign policy topics, aiming at making German and European foreign policy. Published by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)

App Auswärtiges AMt

“Auswärtiges Amt – Auslandsvertretungen weltweit”: the app for finding German missions abroad on all standard mobile devices

Its interactive and informative app provides quick, easy access to the latest information from the FFO.  

Ambassador Joachim Christoph Schmillen

Joachim Christoph Schmillen is the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Jamaica and the Bahamas.

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Going to Germany? If you are a resident of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands or the Turks and Caicos Islands, this website will guide you through the application process. It also allows you to download free of charge the relevant application forms.

Germany’s G20 presidency

A reef knot as the symbol of the G20 summit in Hamburg

Germany will be holding the presidency of the G20 in 2017. The summit of the heads of state and government and representatives of international organisations will be held in Hamburg on 7 and 8 July 2017. A number of G20 ministers’ conferences are scheduled to take place prior to this. The G20 Foreign Ministers will meet in Bonn on 16 and 17 February 2017. The summit and ministers’ meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss current international challenges and to raise awareness of new issues in international affairs.

Further information is available on the following webpages:

EU Council Presidency

Logo of the Maltese EU Council Presidency

In the first half of 2017, Malta will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

"Career Compass Germany" - App for vocational training, studying and working in Germany

Good career opportunities, an international working and learning atmosphere, low unemployment – for people from abroad the German labour market is highly attractive and opens up first-class perspectives. There are highly diverse possibilities for vocational training, studying or working. Those interested can find out about the options and offers available, how to apply, what is important when starting out in Germany and what role the German language plays in the “Career Compass Germany – the app for vocational training, studying and working in Germany”.

Studying In Germany

Young Reserachers 2010

Interested in studying or doing research abroad? Why not choose Germany, land of ideas!

Become a Medical Doctor in Germany

Becoming a Medical Doctor in Germany

Germany’s excellent healthcare system is reliant on excellent doctors. The country develops many health industry professionals itself, but there are opportunities for non-Germans to become a doctor in Germany.

New version of “Facts about Germany” – in 19 languages

Facts about Germany

“Facts about Germany” has everything you need to know about Germany today. How the political system works. The guidelines that define foreign policy. The special characteristics of the economy. What is new in art and culture. The new website features articles, background information, images, charts, films and lots of other modules. Focussing on these and many other topics, besides – in no less than 19 languages. On top of which, all the “Facts” (incl. the new book for young adults in 9 languages) can be downloaded as an e-paper.

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